Dvein for River Island x Jean-Pierre Braganza

Check this spectacular chrome, flesh and feather extravaganza designed and directed by Barcelona’s one and only Dvein with animation and post by Blow Studio for UK clothing label River Island and their Design Forum showcasing new fashion talent (in this case, London’s Jean-Pierre Braganza). [Read more]

Universal Everything Dvein Johnnie Walker | STASH MAGAZINE

Universal Everything and Dvein for Johnnie Walker House

Matt Pyke and Universal Everything continue to explore the mix of tasteful and abstract 3D animation in corporate installations with a series of audio-visual pieces for Johnnie Walker House in Seoul, South Korea “inspired by the phenomenon of synaesthesia, where the brain ‘sees’ sound or ‘tastes’ color.” [Read more]

Dvein + Physalia Show Their “Colors” for Converse

Dvein continue their explorations outside the 3D playground teaming with fellow-Barcelonians Physalia for the first in a series of IDs for the new Converse ‘Colors’ campaign thru Blacklist for Anomaly, “Together we developed machines that bring color to the sneakers in a quite unorthodox way.” [Read more]


See No Evil Presents Malika Favre & Dvein

London people! Catch Malika Favre and Dvein live at See No Evil, December 3rd, 7.00pm, Cafe 1001 91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL. As usual it’s FREE. [Read more]

Dvein Gets all Dvein on the Science Channel

One of the reasons we love Barcelona’s Dvein is their mastery of visual surprises and an unfailing sense they are having fun while expanding the boundaries of whatever genre they are working in at the moment. For instance, these short but perfect IDs for the Science Channel thru Blacklist.

[Read more]

Dvein’s Music Video Masterpiece For The Vein

For their first ever music video, Barcelona studio Dvein mines the depths of the surreal with desolate paint flooded landscapes made up of mildly terrifying old man faces. Created for The Vein track “Magma”, the project came to Dvein as a commission from Adobe to create an art piece that would launch their new [Read more]