Shiseido WASO: Botanical Beauty

To emphasize the fact Shiseido’s new WASO skincare range “harnesses the power of Japanese food and botanicals,” Dvein teamed with botanists, robot makers, and London CG mavens Analog to create this striking garden installation. [Read more]

Steep Making of Ubisoft | STASH MAGAZINE

Behind the Scenes on Ubisoft’s “Steep. Create Your Ride”

Here’s how London VFX hot shop Analog conjured all the frosty magic in the “Create Your Ride” spot for Steep, Ubisoft’s open-world game, where players snowboard, ski, wing suit, or paraglide, through spectacular mountain terrain. [Read more]

ATYP and Analog: Toyota FCV “Turning Point”

More of a pre-lobbying volley for hydrogen-powered vehicles than a proper automotive spot, this all-CG work for the new Toyota FCV (the world’s first production car to run on a hydrogen fuel cell) was directed by ATYP in Brighton with post and animation handled by London’s current go-to shop, Analog.

ATYP: “The brief called for simplicity, elegance, and sophistication whilst ensuring a palpable sense of a human hand in the visual storytelling. This felt like an incredibly refreshing and inventive way of marketing a new car.

“Our response was to craft a rich visual journey that breathes life into the film’s dialogue in a variety of visual ways, whilst maintaing a seamless flow and coherent aesthetic.

“The line was used as a repeat motif and the visual element that leads us through the film. Beginning with the carbon line representing our current use of archaic fossil fuels, through the crumbling carbon city until it is finally reborn as the blue ‘hydrogen paved highway’; Toyota’s vision for the future of car propulsion.”

More about the Toyota FCV here. [Read more]

ManvsMachine Film4 Rebrand “Making Of”

Although best known for their striking 3D animated work, London’s ManvsMachine rebrand the film domain of UK broadcaster Channel 4 with an intriguing mix of live action, stop motion (the logo) and digital post production (provided by Analog).

MvsM say they developed “a contemporary take on a classic film strip / projector effect… to give the package a visual signature beyond the logo.

“The idents see the technique applied to cinematic live action compositions, presenting the Film4 logo in various locations. Each location/scene carefully crafted to elicit a variety of different moods.

“Idents begin ambiguously before seamlessly branching off into one of three possible endings, making minimal adjustments to shift the mood dramatically.”

Watch the finished IDs with all three of their alternate endings:

[Read more]

W+K London “HANDS” Honda to Nexus

Legendary (and Oscar nominated) Nexus directing duo Smith & Foulkes’ continue their fertile relationship with Honda that started with the breakout “Hate Something” spot in 2004. Here they rely heavily on London studio Analog for VFX supervision and post.

Mike Merron, VFX supervisor at Analog: “Hands are notoriously difficult to draw and it turns out that getting this many animated objects to sit in the hands is quite difficult too. Our initial tests showed the directors and animators at Nexus just how important this element of the production was. We knew from the outset that it was hugely important for the hands to physically hold, grip and inspect ‘something’ as it would immediately ground the spot in reality.”

Analog Nexus Honda | STASH MAGAZINE [Read more]


Studio Hansa, Analog and GlossyRey: CBS/Chellozone Rebrand

Following on our post of Jan 22, take a look at all five spectacular spots for the rebrand of CBS/Chellozone’s portfolio of Euro TV channels directed by Nick Scott at Studio Hansa in London with Analog and GlossyRey kicking in killer VFX and pristine, hyper-real 3D. [Read more]