Burberry Hero Launch Film by Analog | STASH MAGAZINE

Burberry Hero Launch Film by Analog

London VFX studio Analog, who explored the meditative side of CG sand in their 2020 short film Sandtimer, expand into a full “shifting, transforming, and evolving journey through the elements” for the launch of Burberry’s Hero fragrance. [Watch]

Maserati MC20 Launch Film by Zhang+Knight and Analog | STASH MAGAZINE

Maserati MC20 Launch Film by Zhang+Knight and Analog

Analog in London: “We were thrilled to be invited to work on the launch film for Maserati’s MC20, their first supercar in decades. We worked closely alongside directors Zhang+Knight, bringing the environments together as we transition through mountainous landscape to ethereal sea, and finally to the grand reveal.” [Watch]

Sandtimer short film by Analog | STASH MAGAZINE

“Sandtimer” Ambient CG Short film by Analog

Director Simon Reeves at Analog in London: “The medium of CG is often used to heighten the intensity of tightly paced, quick cut, energetic work; instead we have used it slow the pulse – ten minutes of calming audiovisual meditative escape.” [Watch]

Adidas Faster Than SL20 | STASH MAGAZINE

Adidas “Faster Than SL20” by Golden Wolf

From Golden Wolf: “Following on from the success of the Adidas UltraBoost 19 launch films, we were excited to be back in the saddle with our friends at TBWA/Neboko for the 2020 campaign.” [Watch]

Stash 138 preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Shiseido WASO: Botanical Beauty

To emphasize the fact Shiseido’s new WASO skincare range “harnesses the power of Japanese food and botanicals,” Dvein teamed with botanists, robot makers, and London CG mavens Analog to create this striking garden installation. [Watch]