Muse Will of the People Music Video Tom Teller Frame48 | STASH MAGAAZINE

Muse “Will of the People” Music Video by Tom Teller and Frame 48

Director Tom Teller and his animation and post crew at Frame 48 in LA, conjure a dystopian uprising of freerunning civilians for English rockers Muse and their track “Will of the People” off the upcoming album of the same name. [Watch]

Recovery 2020 Credits by Frame 48 | STASH MAGAZINE

If 2020 Was a TV Show, This Would Be the Title Sequence

Executive Producer Julian Conner at Frame 48 in Los Angeles: “This past year has been extremely difficult for everyone in our industry. Frame 48 and our sister production company Summercamp wanted to produce something that allowed us to thank our creative family for their incredible work in 2020, while also visually capturing the emotional journey we experienced throughout this global pandemic. [Watch]