Bruna Imai Hi-Lo Studio International Womens Day MTV | STASH MAGAZINE

Bruna Imai and Hi-Lo Studio Celebrate International Women’s Day with MTV

From the team at Hi-Lo Studio in LA: “MTV invited Hi-Lo creative director Bruna Imai to develop a project that would explore and celebrate the diverse experience of being a woman. [Watch]

MLK Universal Basic Income doc Hi-LO studio | STASH MAGAZINE

“MLK Universal Basic Income” Documentary Design by Hi-Lo Studio

Creative directors Diego Coutinho and Bruna Imai at Hi-Lo studio in LA: “Lost Nation Pictures has crafted a documentary that brings to life the story of Martin Luther King Jr., his advancement of the Universal Basic Income, and its impact on America. [Watch]

The Celso Daniel Case Titles Diego Coutinho Hi-Lo | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Celso Daniel Case” Documentary Titles by Diego Coutinho and Hi-Lo

Director Diego Coutinho at Hi-Lo animation/motion design studio in LA experiments with dried blood as a way to add drama and an element of unpredictability to these crime documentary opening titles. [Watch]