Eddy Maxime Bruneel Polaroid | STASH MAGAZINE

Maxime Bruneel Directs Cabadzi x Blier “Polaroid” (NSFW)

Today, Eddy releases Polaroid, a music video directed by Maxime Bruneel. The song is from the new
album Cabadzi x Blier born from the collaboration between artist Cabadzi and director Bertrand Blier. [Read more]

Bruneel Diplo & Swick | STASH MAGAZINE

Maxime Bruneel: Diplo and Swick “Dat a Freak”

Multi-faceted director Maxime Bruneel and the Chez Eddy crew in Paris roto their lives away on “Dat a Freak” by Diplo and Swick by “painstakingly working through all the best twerking footage in the world.” Not completely safe for work or home depending on the company you keep and your opinion of butt-centric choreography. [Read more]