FLUX Interactive Light Installation Ksawery Kirklewski | STASH MAGAZINE

“FLUX” Interactive Light Installation by Ksawery Kirklewski

Director, animator, and creative coding artist Ksawery Kirklewski in Gdańsk, Poland: “‘FLUX’ is an interactive light installation exhibited at the Lot 11 Skatepark during Miami Art Week, in December 2022.” [Watch]

Max-Cooper-Exotic-Contents-Music-video-Xander-Steenbrugge | STASH MAGAZINE

Max Cooper “Exotic Contents” Music video by Xander Steenbrugge

For his latest experiment merging music and visuals, producer/musician/artist Max Cooper teams with Belgian machine learning researcher and digital artist Xander Steenbrugge to turn the words of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein into a spellbinding stream of motion art. [Watch]