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Max Cooper “Exotic Contents” Music video by Xander Steenbrugge

For his latest experiment merging music and visuals, producer/musician/artist Max Cooper teams with Belgian machine learning researcher and digital artist Xander Steenbrugge to turn the words of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein into a spellbinding stream of motion art. [Watch]

“Forever” Short Film by Mitch McGlocklin

Director Mitch McGlocklin in Los Angeles: “‘Forever’ was created with the experimental technique of using LiDAR to capture real-life moments and environments. The LiDAR unit used to acquire the footage was originally created for self-driving cars.” [Watch]

Hulu "Nine Perfect Strangers" Titles by Antibody | STASH MAGAZINE

Hulu “Nine Perfect Strangers” Titles by Antibody

In their latest series title sequence, Patrick Clair and Raoul Marks at Antibody deploy machine learning software to visualize “a sticky, insidious paradise where shimmering sunshine seduces you into a world of dark hearts and exploitation.” [Watch]

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