The New Yorker Can Drugs Take The Place of Religion? | STASH MAGAZINE

The New Yorker “Can Drugs Take The Place of Religion?” by ShawnaX and Pablo Lozano

Animator and designer Pablo Lozano in Toronto: “[This film is part of] a new brand campaign for The New Yorker called “The Right Question Changes Everything”, ⁠celebrating some of the most important New Yorker articles and boiling them down to their central questions. [Watch]

Tamara Qaddoumi - Flowers Will Rot | STASH MAGAZINE

Tic Motion: Tamara Qaddoumi “Flowers Will Rot”

Tic Motion, a Beirut-based collective of designers and animators, create an undulating, enigmatic, and ultimately entrancing music video for Kuwaiti singer/songwriter Tamara Qaddoumi. [Watch]