G-Star Homegrown Denim by Christian Borstlap | STASH MAGAZINE

Christian Borstlap Sprouts “Homegrown Denim” for G-Star

Amsterdam director Christian Borstlap teams with CD Joris Kuijpers and animator Bart Otto at Piqxels Studio on this fun and fuzzy stop motion brand film for Dutch clothing brand G-Star RAW and their Homegrown Denim initiative. [Watch]

UBS Fondation Beyeler What is Art? Part of a Bigger Plan | STASH MAGAZINE

UBS x Fondation Beyeler “What is Art?” by Part of a Bigger Plan

Amsterdam studio Part of a Bigger Plan helps Swiss bank UBS and Basel-based Fondation Beyeler answer big questions about the nature and meaning of art with a clean and kinetic collage of motion techniques. [Watch]

Borstplap_Artis | STASH MAGAZINE

Artis Royal Zoo “Artis Lives”

Illustration and motion from Christian Borstlap and the crew at Amsterdam creative studio Part of a Bigger Plan combine with Johnny Reilly’s VO to bring a feel-good fuzzy charm to this piece for the Artis Royal Zoo. [Watch]