Gimmick Studio demo reel 2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

What’s the Gimmick with Gimmick’s New Reel?

Stash does not publish many demo reels because most do not coalesce into anything more than the sum of their parts: a series of clips and a music track. Working with Quebec music mavens Supersavant, Montreal’s Gimmick Studio achieves a rare thing, a motion design reel that you wish was longer. [Watch]

Sebastien Camden Altitude Sports Newfound Respect for Running | STASH MAGAZINE

Sebastien Camden and Altitude Sports Find a “Newfound Respect for Running”

Director/animator/designer Sebastien Camden in Montreal: “This film is a self-narrated mini-doc created for Altitude Sports as part of their Creators Series. The brief was simple: tell us about something you recently had a renewed respect for. [Watch]