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Gimmick Studio demo reel 2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

What’s the Gimmick with Gimmick’s New Reel?

Stash does not publish many demo reels because most do not coalesce into anything more than the sum of their parts: a series of clips and a music track. Working with Quebec music mavens Supersavant, Montreal’s Gimmick Studio achieves a rare thing, a motion design reel that you wish was longer. [Watch]

David Carson Reel 2022 Joao Vaz Oliveira | STASH MAGAZINE

David Carson x Joao Vaz Oliveira: Reel 2022

Motion and concept designer João Vaz Oliveira in Lisbon: “I met David Carson in May this year at OFFF. He was already an influence on me, in terms of typography, texture, etc, but I never thought we would collaborate. [Watch]

Vessel Studios Medical Animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Vessel Studios Elevates the Art and Science of Medical Animation

Atlanta’s Vessel Studios have been on a 10-year mission to elevate medical animation, carefully nudging their conservative pharma agency clients toward more refined and spirited visual explanations of complex science. [Watch]

Art&Graft Celebrates 10 Years with Visual Manifesto | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft Celebrates 10 Years with Visual Manifesto

London design and motion force Art&Graft (who recently graced the cover of Stash 144 with their Boing Channel rebrand) just released an ambitious and energized retrospective of their first decade in the business. [Watch]

Imaginary Horses by Imaginary Forces | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Horses?

Inventive twists on the standard studio reel come along far, far too seldom. So when one of those twists arrive while also compressing the run time AND inducing a smile… well, that’s a good day. [Watch]

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