Art&Graft Celebrates 10 Years with Visual Manifesto | STASH MAGAZINE

Art&Graft Celebrates 10 Years with Visual Manifesto

London design and motion force Art&Graft (who recently graced the cover of Stash 144 with their Boing Channel rebrand) just released an ambitious and energized retrospective of their first decade in the business. [Watch]

Imaginary Horses by Imaginary Forces | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Horses?

Inventive twists on the standard studio reel come along far, far too seldom. So when one of those twists arrive while also compressing the run time AND inducing a smile… well, that’s a good day. [Watch]

Energizing a Demo Reel with Sound Design

Montreal motion design company Gimmick teams with hometown music and audio mavens Cult Nation to turn a snappy edit of their 2D and 3D work into a roundhouse kick to your parietal lobe. [Watch]

Stash 133 preview trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
Block & Tackle demo 2019 motion design | STASH MAGAZINE

Block & Tackle’s New 7-Minute Reel

Longtime Stash fans know demo reels don’t get much love on this site (we’ve published a handful in 14 years). But once in a long while, one hits the inbox and makes you question what a compilation of work can and should do. [Watch]

Stash 130 trailer | STASH MAGAZINE