SVA Motion Graphics Screening Invitation by Yiting Nan | STASH MAGAZINE

SVA Motion Graphics Screening Invitation by Yiting Nan

Illustrator/animator Yiting Nan in New York: “Each year, the School of Visual Arts hosts a celebratory screening to showcase the motion graphics portfolios of their graduating class. Typically, around 30 students who elect motion graphics as their senior year portfolio class will have their work presented at the SVA Theatre. [Watch]

EMUNAH by DOMCAKE animated CG short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“EMUNAH” by Sang Hyoun Han

A finalist at the 2018 Student Academy Awards, “EMUNAH” is an intense full-CG film about the dystopian results of creating a supreme artificial intelligence – directed and scored by Sang Hyoun Han (aka DOMCAKE) at SVA. [Watch]

Enle Li_Longevity | STASH MAGAZINE

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Longevity

Elegant and quietly emotional visual essay by SVA student Enle Li based on a Business Insider interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson about our fixation on longevity and how it distracts us from living a full life. [Watch]

SVA 2014 Motion Design | STASH MAGAZINE

SVA 2014 Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening

The 2014 SVA Motion Graphics seniors held their portfolio screening last week in NY and here’s what friends, family and industry pro’s witnessed: 38 minutes of very diverse work from 21 talented students. [Watch]