Boom! Stash 128 Drops Two Hours of Inspiration

What do two hours of motion brilliance look like hyper-compressed into just two minutes? Correct, exactly like this trailer for Stash 128. [Read more]

Anthony Capristo Nike "Free Your Mind" | STASH MAGAZINE

Nike “Free Your Mind” Spec Spot

Few things bare witness to the continuing democratization of creative tools and talent like spec work – more specifically: spec commercials which get your blood racing as fast or faster than their full-price cousins. [Read more]

Co-numdrum Title Sequence | STASH MAGAZINE

Tiber Ergür’s “Co-nundrum Title Sequence”

The stark light and enigmatic images of Istanbul director/animator Tiber Ergür’s spec project “Co-nundrum title sequence” pair perfectly with music and sound design by Audio Prozac, aka Polish composer Jakub Tomasz Czech. [Read more]


Eugene and Louise and Creative Conspiracy: “BaDaBoo”

Super clean character design and snappy animation set this teaser for TV and toy brand BaDaBoo apart from the usual fare aimed at preschoolers by staying cute but not cloying. [Read more]

Attraction & Spherical short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Attraction & Spherical” Title Sequence by Ligo Zhang

Beijing director and motion designer Ligo Zhang created this rich and ambitious CG title sequence as a personal “practice project” for a fictitious TV series adapted from the novel Gravity Globe. [Read more]

Absolute bottle animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Ouchhh: New Absolut Bottle Ideas

With HQ in Istanbul and offices in LA, Barcelona, Vienna, and Berlin, new media agency Ouchhh is gaining lots attention for work like this installation in Paris. Their newest clip is a crazed spec riff on the schizophrenic history of Absolut bottle interpretations. [Read more]