AJR x Daisy the Great "Record Player" Music Video by Yuval Haker | STASH MAGAZINE

AJR x Daisy the Great “Record Player” Music Video by Yuval Haker

Director/designer/animator Yuval Haker in New York: “Record Player is a song about our modern-day demons, the masks we wear, and the knees we scrape in our desire to fit in.” [Read more]

COVID Loop by Yuval Haker | STASH MAGAZINE

The Story Behind “COVID Loop” by Yuval Haker

Back in April 2020, motion designer and illustrator Yuval Haker responded to the World Health Organization’s open call to creatives to raise COVID-19 awareness with this animation that shows the spread of infection “as one big connected system.” [Read more]

Alon Eder A am Sex | STASH MAGAZINE

Yuval Haker: Alon Eder “I Am Sex” (NSFW)

Yuval Haker, an animator/illustrator/designer and photographer currently interning at Dress Code in New York, created this stream of randy, colorful chaos as his graduation film at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. [Read more]