Witness the Enlightenment of Cosmic Panda

Here’s a cute and trippy 3D confection to perk up your Tuesday morning: meet the carefree and stylish Cosmic Panda created by Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela with animation by São Paulo studio Le Cube.

Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela: “Le Cube and I met in Cutout Fest Mexico where we were invited to speak. Turns out we got along very well, they liked the Mr. Kat & Friends brand and the latest Mr. Kat collaboration was born.”

Sobreviela, who is repped by Nexus Studios in London, premiered the film during his presentation at Offf Barcelona.

Production and Animation: Le Cube
Direction: Ralph Karam and Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela
Executive Production: Gustavo Karam and Juan Manuel Freire
Production: Antonela Castro
Animation Direction: Claudio Iriarte
3D Backgrounds: Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela
Illustrations: Martin Vinograd
2D Animation: Dante Zaballa, Sergio Kechu, and Martin Lara
2D Animation Assistants: Matheus Muñiz and Katherine Pryor
3D Animation: Chris Rey Willis
Composition: Ralph Karam
Music: David Kamp

Immediate Byte