ID4 by Lobster and Vincent Tsui | STASH MAGAZINE

A Short Ode to Life, Death, and Dessert by Lobster and Vincent Tsui

For their latest in-house studio ID, the crew at Lobster Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria, teamed up with illustrator/animator Vincent Tsui and composer/sound designer David Kamp for a one-minute slice of the surreal. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2020: Brand Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2020: Brand Films

Unchained from the run-time constraints, hefty media buys, and content rules of television, films produced for online/social distribution have matured into a brand’s most powerful weapon for telling more complex and emotional stories. [Watch]

Eli Lilly Planimation short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Space Walking with Yves Geleyn in “Planimation”

In this expansive and poetic branded content film for Eli Lilly, Hornet director Yves Geleyn draws a parallel between the connectedness of the solar system and the importance of medical sequencing in cancer treatment. [Watch]

3D Gifathon by James Curran | STASH MAGAZINE

Perk up Your Day with James Curran’s 3D Gifathon

UK animation director James Curran: “A selection of GIFs from my NYC, LA and Tokyo Gifathons remastered in 3D. Each inspired by something that happened during my 30 day stays in each city.” [Watch]

To Abstract short film by Ross McCampbell | STASH MAGAZINE

Ross McCampbell’s Ode to Abstract Art

Animator/artist Ross McCampbell in Brooklyn: “Many people have a hard time appreciating abstract art because they don’t understand what they are looking at. [Watch]

The Evolution of the Ugly Project

The expansion of the so-bad-it’s-good 3D sub-genre continues unabated with the latest addition to Redbear Easterman and Nikita Diakur’s Ugly Project – 50 seconds of spasmodic, busted, and ultimately smile-worthy dancing in a parking lot. [Watch]