Zachary Corzine and James Jean Find “Harmony” in Latest Motion Art Piece

In his latest collaboration with LA visual artist James Jean, director and CG artist Zachary Corzine again extends one of Jean’s paintings into four dimensions using gentle, ambient 3D animation.

James Jean: “There’s a lot of similarity between both [digital and analog] approaches. When you’re engaged with the canvas, there’s just a lot of push and pull. Pushing elements away and then bringing them back out.

“It’s amazing what you can do with simulations and rendering and algorithms. As a painter, it takes so long to be able to create a convincing semblance of these materials. But with computers, the distance between the mind’s eye and what you want to create is just much closer. That’s what I love about this collaboration and the whole medium.”

Watch more collaborations below and the full case study here:

Sun Tarot





Director/animator: Zachary Corzine
CD/original art: James Jean

Audio: Nosaj Thing