“Histography” Lets You Interact with the Last 14 Billion Years

Matan Stauber_Histography | STASH MAGAZINE

If your love of visual information extends to history, prepare to lose several hours of your life down the addictive rabbit hole called “Histography,” an interactive timeline spanning from the big bang to 2015 created by Matan Stauber as his graduation project at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. [Read more]

Sarofsky Opens OFFF Mexico City


Erin Sarofsky and her Chicago motion crew push the ubiquitous design conference open into welcome new territory with this light-hearted typographic trek through 50 styles and genres while introducing 20 speakers for the 2015 edition of OFFF in Mexico City. [Read more]

Boom! Stash 113 Drops

Stash 113 inducts another 31 brilliant motion projects into the Stash Permanent Collection complete with behind-the-scenes features plus exclusive interviews with the animation, VFX and design talent behind the work. [Read more]

Making the Solar System to Scale

To Scale: The Solar System | STASH MAGAZINE

Every once in a while, someone puts the awe back into awesome. Witness this short film from Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh documenting their construction of the first physical scale model of our solar system across seven miles of the Black Rock desert in Nevada. [Read more]

Blasting Open the MTV Video Music Awards 2015

Patrick Claire Lee Lodge_MTV Video Music Awards | STASH MAGAZINE

In stark contrast to last year’s darkly elegant vibe, the Elastic crew opened the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards this evening with this crazed poke-in-the-eye packed with glitchy, irreverent, ultra-GIF-able chaos plus a bonus Donald cameo. [Read more]

Peace One Day Wants to Build the “McWhopper”

Johnny Kofoed_McWhopper | STASH MAGAZINE

Assembly director Jonny Kofoed and his intrepid team of three animators makes a compelling case for the proposed 24-hour detente between Burger King and McDonalds in peaceoneday.org’s continued campaign to make the world a nicer place. [Read more]