Making of San Sebastian’s “Bridge of Coexistence”

San Sebastian Bridge of Coexistence | STASH MAGAZINE

Anointed the European Capital of Culture 2016, the coastal Basque resort city of San Sebastian marked the honor with a sweeping and tasteful installation on the picturesque Maria Cristina bridge designed and implemented by Barcelona studio Tigrelab. [Read more]

Imaginary Forces: Making of ESPN’s Euro Cup 2016


The NYC studio of Imaginary Forces wraps ESPN’s extensive broadcast coverage of the 2016 Euro Cup in a dynamic and diverse package of 200 animated elements inspired by the history and artistic heritage of the month-long tournament’s host country France. [Read more]

Chanel: “The Self-Portrait of a Perfume”

Chanel Self-Portrait of a Perfume | STASH MAGAZINE

Wonderfully ornate collage and illustration work by Paris artistic director Roxane Lagache comes to life courtesy of French motion designer/director Cyrille Smaha in this energized brand film for Chanel, episode 15 of an ongoing series created thru Paris prodco Falabracks. [Read more]

Fluorescent Hill: GO Transit “Etiquette” (Director’s Cut)

GO Transit Etiquette | STASH MAGAZINE

Montreal studio Fluorescent Hill taps the deep well of flight safety card parody to perk up the commute of 250,000 daily riders on GO Transit (Ontario’s public commuter train/bus system), thru agency Tribal Toronto. [Read more]

NERDO Rebrands La Effe on Sky Italy

Nerdo_La Effe Rebrand 2016 | STASH MAGAZINE

Turin, Italy design and animation studio NERDO turns to audacious typography and bold, clean compositions in this set of three striking broadcast IDs designed to help La Effe stand out among the many offerings on SKY Italy. [Read more]

DixonBaxi: 15 Years Young


Running a successful design business for a decade and a half is beyond tough. Keeping your creative output intriguing and meaningful while you do it is a balancing act few studios master. Meanwhile in London, 15 years after their launch, branding and motion house DixonBaxi seem to be just getting underway. [Read more]