Motion Branding: What Brings a Brand to Life?

Join Berlin motion and graphic designer Henning Herholz for a six-minute essay building a thoughtful and thorough case for why motion design is such a powerful weapon in the fight to make a brand successful. Created as Henning’s thesis project at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam 2013, music by Frederik Weißel. [Read more]

Sebas & Clim: Animating for a Cause

Non-profit Animation for a Cause donates the explanatory and persuasive powers of motion design to deserving charities by commissioning one-minute films on their behalf. Case in point, the org’s second project by London directing duo Sebas & Clim for Child Care Center built on a script by Linda Bucay, music and sound design by Flow Audio.

Appropriately enough, A4C commissioned their own excellent infographic (below) written by Avi Love and Yaniv Fridman, design and animation by Yaniv Fridman, and audio by Alejandro Candela at

You can support A4C by donating here.

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Adam Gault Studio: “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

Gault_Always Sunny FXX | STASH MAGAZINE

Start your week with a jolt of stark absurdist fun courtesy of Adam Gault and his Long Island City crew in this series of IDs and promo elements for the FX comedy “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” constructed from “a series of random one-second scenes that could be shuffled around to make custom IDs and toolkit [Read more]

Leftchannel Targets Character Animation

Out to prove their abilities beyond motion design, leftchannel spec out a sinuous, psychotropic and all too brief Target spot showcasing the talents of their character animation team lead by Jenna Jaillet and Taehee Lee.

Jaillet joins leftchannel after three years of feature work at Sony Image Works: “With a camera move as complicated as this you need a lot of communication between the different departments involved. We have very talented artists here and the end product of ‘Under The Big Top’ effectively melds hand-drawn animation with 3D and graphic design seamlessly.” [Read more]

Giant Ant: The Love of Storytelling


The Vancouver motion scene has long been dominated by TV series and feature work with occasional bursts of killer commercial VFX from studios like The Embassy, but Giant Ant, who bill themselves as a “storytelling studio who develop and produce content for digital platforms and television,” are quietly building an [Read more]

The Artery Program Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”

Artery_Bob Dylan | STASH MAGAZINE

New York motion and VFX studio The Artery help Israeli director Vania Heymann create the look and feel of the 16 TV channels found in the brilliant new interactive video for Bob Dylan’s 1965 classic Like A Rolling Stone produced by Interlude. [Read more]