Best of Stash 2020: Event Films

While design events (live and virtual) play a crucial role in connecting and inspiring all of us in the creative industries, they also provide exceptional opportunities for the studios invited to create titles and promotional assets.

The creative freedom that comes with the assignment combined with an inherent respect for (or fear of failing) an audience of one’s peers, ensures event films remain an exceptional showcase for the fusion of passion and craft.

All films were published in The Stash Permanent Collection during 2020 and are listed here in chronological order by the date of publication.
Included in STASH 139

Gustavo Karam, executive producer at Le Cube in Shanghai, China: “Nostalgia was a big word during the conceptualization process of the film. It was a challenge to find the right tone that could transmit this feeling.

“This is a very autobiographical film for me and my brother the director Ralph Karam. There is a lot of our life path during the whole film.”

Included in STASH 139

Salvatore Giunta, founder/creative director at Ditroit in Milan, Italy: “We thought it would be great to build a film around the notion of Networking which is one of the main components of the festival’s DNA.

“The layouts we were aiming for were almost empty. They contain very few elements but those elements convey the sense of something very rich through their details.”

Included in STASH 140

Directors Nathan Su and Bethany Edgoose at InferStudio in London: “We were invited to produce this animation on the theme of ‘New Odyssey’ for Pausefest 2020 held in Melbourne Australia as part of their Motion Response initiative.

“We live in a world of instant, hyper-personalized consumerism, where a thousand odysseys are made by data and objects every second of the day. Everything is counted; every box on every shelf has its place in the system and so do we.”

Included in STASH 140

Francois Dulac, partner/COO at Gimmick Studio in Montréal: “Our job was to celebrate wood as the most human and beautiful material by showcasing the diverse set of forms it can take.

“Important to mention, the structures in the video were inspired by existing ones around the world to create an instantaneous bond with the savvy audience.”

Included in STASH 141

Niklaus Hofer, partner/director at Uber Eck in Munich, Germany: “We are a team of three partners and directors. With most projects, we have one person in charge and the others are assisting.

“But in the case of the TOCA ME titles, we wanted to figure out how to work as a three-headed team on one project and still manage to give everybody his creative freedom. It helped us a lot as a studio to grow on many levels.”

Included in STASH 142

When their branding pitch for a local design event in Taipei, Taiwan was rejected by the client, Mixcode Studio went ahead and finished the work anyway – creating an array of promotional assets including this blast of motion insanity.

From Mixcode: “Life consists of molecules. The division, replication, and reproduction of cells make us alive. We use this metaphor to present how human thoughts and ideas interact with each other and move forward together.”

Included in STASH 144

The 2020 hybrid edition of the Animario animation festival in Madrid opened with this beguiling 90-second sequence animated by hand with magnets on a tabletop.

Carlos Pardo and Teo Guillem, directors at Dvein in Madrid, Spain: “The process began as an exploration, and along the way, we had the sensation of finding something magical. Little by little it revealed itself as a wonderful technique for animating in real-time and in a very intuitive way.”

Immediate Byte