Best of Stash 2019: 3D Style | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2019: 3D Style

The popularity of what we might call CG magic realism continued to expand in 2019 as more creators and clients embraced the power of hyper-real 3D to transport viewers to surreal and abstract worlds with spellbinding clarity. [Read more]

KIDS animated Film by Michael Frei | STASH MAGAZINE

Crowds, Chaos, and Lots and Lots of “KIDS”

The all-Swiss duo of animator Michael Frei and game developer Mario von Rickenbach, who released the fabulous and award-winning Plug & Play in 2015, are back with a teaser for more interactive fun called KIDS. [Read more]

OCHRE short film James Merrill | STASH MAGAZINE

James Merrill’s “OCHRE” Turns Classical Paintings into Fluid Simulations

James Merrill’s “OCHRE” Turns Classical Paintings into Fluid Simulations [Read more]

Krenn_Parasitic endeavors | STASH MAGAZINE

Simon Christoph Krenn: “Parasitic Endeavours”

Austrian CG artist Simon Christoph Krenn is making a name for himself creating disquieting (some would say disturbing) dynamic anatomical simulations like this film “Parasitic Endeavours” and the NSFW “Cambrian Explosion I” produced earlier this year. [Read more]


Maxim Zhestkov “Elements”

Russian visual artist and motion designer Maxim Zhestkov employs dynamics, tension, and various forces of nature to wrangle two billion elements into a pristine 3D gallery of kinetic art installations. [Read more]