Flatwhite Motion “Kung Fu” and “Gashapon” Logo Animations

Director/animator Max at Flatwhite Motion studio in Qingdao, China: “Finally we had a chance to make some logo animations for our own studio.

“For the kung fu film, we wanted to make something wild and unconventional, and we found there are so many similarities between kung fu and motion design like the slow and fast, soft and hard concepts. We are so pleased that Sono Sanctus could help us with the sound design.


“Is the second animation, we want to express the concept that our studio is just like a capsule toy machine that contains so many different possibilities, full of surprise and fun.

“Also it shows the teamwork we have in our studio, Wacom pens form different emojis (different projects), emojis also reflect what we face and feel at different stages of making each animation. We always loved Ambrose Yu’s music and sound design, so finally, we had a chance to work with him.”

Production: Flatwhite Motion
Animation: MAX, FAFA, HETAO, Frank Song
Design: Gina Zhai, Ayooo Zhang

Music/Sound Design: Sono Sanctus, Ambrose Yu