Once Upon A Bite promo video by Flatwhite Motion | STASH MAGAZINE

“Once Upon A Bite” Show Promo by Flatwhite Motion

Flatwhite Motion in Qingdao, China: “We are so excited to make a 50-second promotional animation for ‘Once Upon A Bite’ Season 2, a famous food documentary TV series by Chen Xiaoqing (the same director as ‘A Bite of China’). [Read more]

Flatwhite Motion "Kung Fu" and "Gashapon" Logo Animations | STASH MAGAZINE

Flatwhite Motion “Kung Fu” and “Gashapon” Logo Animations

Director/animator Max at Flatwhite Motion studio in Qingdao, China: “Finally we had a chance to make some logo animations for our own studio. [Read more]

TEDx QDU Boundaries Flatwhite Motion | STASH MAGAZINE

TEDx “Boundaries” by Flatwhite Motion

The TEDx event in China’s port city of Qingdao opened this summer with a rush of layered color and fine detail crafted by the design crew at hometown studio Flatwhite Motion. [Read more]