ElasticON Global Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

ElasticON Global 2021 Opener by Ordinary Folk

From the team at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “We had the pleasure of working with our friends at Elastic NV once again on an opener video for their 2021 ElasticCon event.” [Read more]

Battle Axe "Timelord" Promo Video by Reece Parker | STASH MAGAZINE

Battle Axe “Timelord” Promo Video by Reece Parker

Director/illustrator/animator Reece Parker in Seattle: “Adam Plouff from Battle Axe originally enlisted me to test an early beta version of his new tool Timelord, the successor to his widely popular Overlord.” [Read more]

Duolingo World Brand Film by Gunner | STASH MAGAZINE

Duolingo World Brand Film by Gunner

From the team at Gunner: “Our friends at Duolingo let us off the rails in this non-stop thrill ride. The idea was to use the phone/app as a portal into countries whose language you don’t yet speak.” [Read more]

CNN "Dreamland" Documentary Segments by Meister | STASH MAGAZINE

CNN “Dreamland” Documentary Segments by Meister

Director CJ Cook at Meister in Portland: “We were approached by The SpingHill Company to produce a series of vignettes for CNN’s documentary “Dreamland: The Burning of Black Wall Street.” [Read more]

Elastic "Global All Hands Opener" by Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

Elastic “Global All Hands Opener” by Ordinary Folk

Ordinary Folk founder and CD Jorge R. Canedo E. in Vancouver: “It’s a hard task to capture the heart and soul of a company in under a minute, but when [software makers] Elastic reached out asking us to help kick off their Global All Hands meeting the right way, we banded together with some of […] [Read more]

Google "Password Manager" Explainer by Oddfellows | STASH MAGAZINE

Google “Password Manager” Explainer by Oddfellows

Clarifying complex ideas and translating them into relatable, engaging narratives is a timeless and universally important skill whether you are a general on a battlefield or a motion designer hunkered down in your dining room. [Read more]