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The Frontiers of 3D: Blur vs Digic

Reviewing the best trailers from last month’s E3 event reminded me of a quiet but important rivalry between two studios hammering on the boundaries of 3D filmmaking: Blur Studios in Los Angeles and Digic Pictures in Budapest, Hungary.

Both studios take commissions for commercials and other genres of animation/VFX work but their most anticipated and riveting work launches each year in June at E3 in the form of video game cinematic trailers.

Yes, game work can be crammed full of tiresome tropes and predictable fan-boy action but the crews at the very top of the CG food chain continue to evolve technology and artistry in sync to conjure more realistic, complex and engaging short films disguised as game promotions.

Every time I see work like the two trailers below, I can’t help thinking I’m getting a glimpse of how a wider range of entertainment may look in the near future.

Assassin’s Creed Unity E3 2014 World Premiere Cinematic Trailer from Digic.

The Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailer from Blur.