Insmed “Unbreakable” by ROOF Studio

The team at ROOF Studio in New York engage their talents for hyper-detailed worlds and characters to elevate this film designed to raise awareness of NTM Lung Disease for biopharmaceutical brand Insmed thru agency AREA 23.

Guto Terni, ROOF Studio co-founder/CD: “We took a folkloric Pinnochio-like approach to tell not only the story behind the physical symptoms of NTM, but also the social ostracization from the chronic cough that patients endure with the condition.

“This approach allowed us to use rich, poetic visuals with a character-driven story around Barbara the Bunny to engage the viewer with the deep concerns of NTM sufferers and their experience. At the same time, it lent us room to be playful and humorous to bring a hopeful tone to the conversation around NTM.”

Watch the making-of Part 1:

Vinicius Costa, ROOF Studio co-founder/CD: “We wanted to design places that would feel rich and inviting, places that you may even wish to visit.

“We pursued an extremely high level of detail in every asset to create an experience that would encourage people to keep following this story along through the behind-the-scenes materials in social media.”

Watch the making-of Part 2:

Insmed "Unbreakable" by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Insmed "Unbreakable" by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Insmed "Unbreakable" by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Insmed "Unbreakable" by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Insmed "Unbreakable" by ROOF Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Insmed

Agency: AREA 23
EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Tim Hawkey
SVP, Group Creative Director: Chris Bernesby & Joe Capanear
VP, Creative Director: Paul Harrington
VP, Associate Creative Director: Jennifer Harrison
Associate Creative Director: Kristen Bell & Corinne Feight
Senior Copywriter: Sasha Mishkin
VP, Group Executive Producer: Chinkara Singh
VP, Associate Creative Director: Ronnie Caltabiano

Production: ROOF Studio
Director: ROOF Studio
Creative Directors: Guto Terni, Vinicius Costa, Lucas Camargo
Executive Producer: Marcus Lansdell
Head of Production: Vanderlei Santana
3D Lead: Heber Conde
Story Lead: Guto Terni
Storyboard: Estevao Chromiec
Animation Lead: Bruno Celegao Monteiro
Animation: Alex Ferreira, Andrea Delfino, Bruna Berford, Bruno Santos, Christian Weckl, Daniel Oliveira, Emerson Manfrin, Francisco Catão, Hannry Pschera, Jesiel Almeida, Jonathan Edward, Jorge Zagatto, Leonardo Felix, Leonidas Maciel, Marcio Nicolosi, Matheus Caetano, Rodrigo Dutra
Modeling: Steferson Rocha, Carolina Avelino, Lincoln Horita, Gean Carlos, Geison Araujo, Roberto Fernandes
Rigging: Danilo Pinheiro
Look Development Lead: Gustavo Rangel
Look Development: Mateus Kurzhals, Josemar Queiroz, Rafael Chies, Camilo Franco, Lucas Camargo, Guto Terni, Vinicius Costa, Renato Braz
3D Layout: Heber Conde, Guto Terni
3D Lighting: Guto Terni, Gustavo Rangel, Rafael Chies, Lucas Camargo
Prop Design: Vinicius Costa
Environment Design: Vinicius Costa, Guto Terni
Character Design: Lucas Camargo
Character Explorations: Lucas Camargo, Victor El Guy
Compositing: Guto Terni
Simulation: Heber Conde, Lucas Camargo, Alejandro Echeverry.
Pipeline: Rosenio Pinto
Grooming: Hasan Tawfiq, Rouhollah Toghyani, Lucas Camargo

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