Robert Grieves and Scott Geersen Team up for “Disorder” Short Film

UK director/animator Robert Grieves: “‘Disorder’ is the first film to be released from The Discourse Trilogy, a new initiative that aims to unite the power of animation, ideas, and discourse.

“A playful clash of 2D and 3D, the film tells the age-old story of humans’ connection to waste. A collaboration between myself, Scott Geersen (the creator of the TEDxSydney titles), with a soundtrack by audio wizards Sono Sanctus.

“It started when I was approached by writer Paras Chopra. He was excited by how animation could bring his words to life, and ultimately make a more meaningful impact while reaching a wider audience. They decided to make the environmental initiative

“When I created the first designs that mixed 2D and 3D, I immediately knew I’d found the look. The writer was even more excited than I was, but neither of us knew if we could pull it off with the resources we had.

“The solution came in the form of Scott Geersen, from Substance in Sydney, Australia. He also felt excited by the cause, so once we knew he was on-board, it was guaranteed to look amazing!

“I animate in Photoshop and After Effects, and Scott’s magic happens in Cinema 4D, rendering in Redshift. I’d send him clear animatics, to which he’d block in the 3D, and send back. After a few tweaks, job done, and a new process for us both.”
Writer/creator: Paras Chopra
Director/2D lead: Robert Grieves
3D modeling/animation: Scott Geersen
2D animator: Bryce Pemberton, Nancy Li
Script editor: Jess Kennedy

Music & SFX: Sono Sanctus
Voice: Victoria Hogan

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