Making of "Drawn Closer" by Patrick Osborne and Nexus Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Making of “Drawn Closer” by Patrick Osborne and Nexus Studios

Nexus director/animator Patrick Osborne (who won the 2014 Best Animated Short Oscar for Feast), guides American middle school drama students thru a remote collaborative animation project to help replace their COVID-canceled live performance. [Watch]

UNICEF Malak and the Boat | STASH MAGAZINE

UNICEF Unfairy Tales: “Malak and the Boat” (Director’s Cut)

Written, directed and animated by Brazilian CG talent André Holzmeister, “Malak and the Boat” is the first in a new animated series sponsored by UNICEF thru agency 180LA called Unfairy Tales designed to highlight the trauma suffered by the youngest victims of the Syrian refugee crisis. [Watch]

Gentleman Scholar HP | STASH MAGAZINE

Gentleman Scholar’s Typographic Feast: HP Sprout “Manifesto”

Gentleman Scholar show off their typographic and multi-media chops with this perfectly-paced clip for HP’s new Sprout 3D-scanning PC thru 180LA. “The vignettes were crafted to conjure both the nostalgia of physical artistry and the exciting possibilities of digital immersion, with the typography acting as a [Watch]