UNICEF Malak and the Boat | STASH MAGAZINE

UNICEF Unfairy Tales: “Malak and the Boat” (Director’s Cut)

Written, directed and animated by Brazilian CG talent André Holzmeister, “Malak and the Boat” is the first in a new animated series sponsored by UNICEF thru agency 180LA called Unfairy Tales designed to highlight the trauma suffered by the youngest victims of the Syrian refugee crisis. [Read more]

Gentleman Scholar HP | STASH MAGAZINE

Gentleman Scholar’s Typographic Feast: HP Sprout “Manifesto”

Gentleman Scholar show off their typographic and multi-media chops with this perfectly-paced clip for HP’s new Sprout 3D-scanning PC thru 180LA. “The vignettes were crafted to conjure both the nostalgia of physical artistry and the exciting possibilities of digital immersion, with the typography acting as a [Read more]


MPC and Garth Davis “Imagine” the Sony 4K HD TV

Directed by and featuring RESET’s Garth Davis (co-director of “Top of the Lake”), shot by Oscar-winning DP Claudio Miranda (“Life of Pi”), and featuring VFX by MPC this new Sony spot “imagines the limitless potential of Davis’ vision, as realized through the new 4K Ultra High Definition TV.” Among the first [Read more]