Crown Royal 29 Tendril and Bureau Klaus Alman | STASH MAGAZINE

Crown Royal 29 Product Launch Film by Tendril and Friends

From the team at Tendril in Toronto: “We were invited by Anomaly and Crown Royal to create a brand film introducing their new line of luxurious Canadian whiskey, Crown Royal 29. [Watch]

Cash App Brand Film by Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril Snuggles Up to Tax Season for Cash App

With the goal of making filing your taxes “look and feel as comfortable as AF”, CD Alexandre Torres and the Tendril design/animation crew float a series of plush visuals for the finance app Cash App. [Watch]

Tendril Riot Worlds 2022 LOL Branding Toolkit | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril Ramps Up Riot Worlds 2022 with Branding Toolkit

CDs Alexandre Torres, Nidia Dias, Tom Crate, and director Adam Brandon lead the Tendril crew in crafting a powerful identity, motion branding system, and toolkit for Riot Worlds 2022, the annual global championships for League of Legends. [Watch]