Emporio Armani Sneakers Cult by Alkanoids | STASH MAGAZINE

Emporio Armani “Sneakers Cult” by Alkanoids

From Alkanoids design studio in Milan, Italy: “New video created for the launch of Cult sneakers by Emporio Armani. A stream of dynamic and morphing animations that tell the brand’s story in bright and colorful images.” [Watch]

Spike Channel IDs by Alkanoids

Alkanoids, the Milan design studio who opened PromaxBDA Rome a few weeks ago, is back with a series of fun Popsicle-colored IDs for Spike Italy – plus the only making-of video I’ve ever seen cut to a Rammstein track. [Watch]

PromaxBDA Europe 2018 Open by Alkanoids animation | STASH MAGAZINE

PromaxBDA Europe 2018 Conference Open by Alkanoids

The PromaxBDA Europe 2018 conference opened in Rome yesterday with this lighthearted collision of animation, stop motion and live action created by Milan design studio Alkanoids. [Watch]

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