Arcadia Short Film NFT Andres Reisinger RAC Arch Hades | STASH MAGAZINE

“Arcadia” Short Film / NFT by Andrés Reisinger, RAC, and Arch Hades

Barcelona director/animator and CG artist Andrés Reisinger teams with Portland-based musician/producer André Allen Anjos (aka RAC), and British poet Arch Hades for a 10-minute “journey through our collective 21C existential crisis.” [Read more]

Kettal "Pavilion O" Product Film by Reisinger Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Kettal “Pavilion O” Product Film by Reisinger Studio

Director Andres Reisinger in Barcelona, Spain: “Reisinger Studio was briefed to build a concept and create a film to promote the Pavilion O – a modular and flexible way of dividing offices into zones while offering enclosed workspaces.” [Read more]