“ADVENT x FAREWELL” Short Film / NFT Diptych by Fabian Aerts

Motion Designer and 3D Artist Fabian Aerts in Brussels, Belgium: “‘ADVENT x FAREWELL’ was designed as a diptych which symbolizes the beginning and the end of an era, birth and death that accompanies everything coming from this world. [Read more]

Arcadia Short Film NFT Andres Reisinger RAC Arch Hades | STASH MAGAZINE

“Arcadia” Short Film / NFT by Andrés Reisinger, RAC, and Arch Hades

Barcelona director/animator and CG artist Andrés Reisinger teams with Portland-based musician/producer André Allen Anjos (aka RAC), and British poet Arch Hades for a 10-minute “journey through our collective 21C existential crisis.” [Read more]

We the Gods Short Film NFT Logan Sprangers | STASH MAGAZINE

“We, the Gods” Short Film/NFT by Logan Sprangers

Logan Sprangers, digital and motion graphic artist in Los Angeles: “We, the Gods is a digital vignette reflecting on the relativity of our position in the cosmos influenced by the paintings of René Magritte and Remedios Varo and created with Cinema 4D, X-Particles, and Octane Render. [Read more]

Unsupervised MoMA NFT Collection Refik Anadol | STASH MAGAZINE

“Unsupervised MoMA NFT Collection” Teaser by Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol, media artist and director in Los Angeles: “What would a machine mind dream of after ‘seeing’ the vast collection of The Museum of Modern Art? In other words, if the corpus of images of the MoMA collection had been accomplished by a single artist, what would their dreams look like? [Read more]

"OCETA" Audio/CG Experiment and NFT by Korb and Echolab | STASH MAGAZINE

“OCETA” Audio/CG Experiment and NFT by Korb and Echolab

Rimantas Lukavicius at KORB and Gavin Little at Echolab: “This project was born a few years back but was never fully released until now. We experimented with inorganic matter found deep in the Colombian Andes at OCETA. [Read more]

"Conceptions" Short Film and NFT by Greg Cooper | STASH MAGAZINE

“Conceptions” Short Film and NFT by Greg Cooper

3D artist/animator Greg Cooper in Melbourne, Australia:”Conceptions is an excursion of the fundamentals that underpin creativity. Three kinetic sculptures represent the development of ideas as they converge from noise to pattern. [Read more]