Recycled Short Film Media.Work | STASH MAGAZINE

“Recycled” Short Film by Media.Work

Creative directors Igor Sordokhonov, Maxim Zhestkov, and the team at Media.Work are back with their latest in-house project “dedicated to the research of how plastic waste could be reclaimed and turned into new items.” [Read more]

Media.Work short film Felt | STASH MAGAZINE

Up Close and Personal with “Felt” by Media.Work

Moscow CG masters Media.Work just dropped a new visual experiment looking very closely at the structural as well as the ethereal qualities of felt, an incredibly tactile and historically rich material first used over 8,500 years ago. [Read more]

"Bots" CG Short Film by Media.Work | STASH MAGAZINE

“Bots” CG Short Film by Media.Work

Conceived as a data visualization research project by the Media.Work team, Bots soon evolved into an “exploration of evolution in a digital environment” complete with minimalist robots interacting with each other and the environment. [Read more]

BMW i4 Launch Film by Media.Work | STASH MAGAZINE

BMW i4 Launch Film by Media.Work

From the team in Moscow and London: “In artistic collaboration with the team at BMW, artist and director Maxim Zhestkov built three environments with installations visualizing real properties and patterns of electromagnetic phenomena for the launch of BMW’s i4 EV. [Read more]

"Data Processing" Short Film by Media.Work | STASH MAGAZINE

“Data Processing” Short Film by Media.Work

Toiling out of studios in Moscow and London, the team at Media.Work take a break from their commercial assignments to flex their experimental ambitions in this sculptural CG exploration of computing processes. [Read more]