Platige Image Teases "To Everyman" Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Platige Image Teases “To Everyman” Short Film

Cezary Albiński, director and head of CG at Platige Image in Warsaw: “To Everyman is a visual rendition of Julian Tuwim’s poem of the same name and a manifesto seeking to expose the techniques and tactics of political propaganda.” [Watch]

Babybel Join the goodness commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Platige Image “Join the goodness” in Lockdown for Babybel

French director Hervé de Crécy (who shared the Best Animated Short Film Oscar for “Logorama” in 2010), teams remotely with the VFX crew at Platige Image to create a massive urban Candyland complete with mini cheese superheroes. [Watch]