SPA “Very Cat Trip” Spot by Vincent Gibaud and Jungler | STASH MAGAZINE

SPA “Very Cat Trip” Spot by Vincent Gibaud and Jungler

Jungler director Vincent Gibaud takes on the disturbing and recurring problem of pet owners abandoning their animals during the summer months for French animal welfare organization Société Protectrice des Animaux (SPA). [Watch]

Tsingtao "Raise the bar!" Spot by Bloom Film Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Tsingtao “Raise the Bar!” Spot by Bloom Film Design

Bangkok-based director and VFX supervisor Julien Vanhoenacker, who created the surreal post-apocalyptic 2016 short film “A Drop”, swings the tone and palette a full 180 degrees for this bright and breezy adventure packed with beer-loving penguins. [Watch]

Babybel Join the goodness commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Platige Image “Join the goodness” in Lockdown for Babybel

French director Hervé de Crécy (who shared the Best Animated Short Film Oscar for “Logorama” in 2010), teams remotely with the VFX crew at Platige Image to create a massive urban Candyland complete with mini cheese superheroes. [Watch]

HEATHROW It’s a Wonderful Flight | STASH MAGAZINE

Behind the Scenes with The Mill on Heathrow “It’s a Wonderful Flight”

From the Mill: “Working closely with Havas and directors dom&nic at Outsider, we helped to create “It’s a Wonderful Flight,” the heartwarming sequel to last year’s festive spot for Heathrow Airport. [Watch]


Racing Dragons for EDF via Thierry Poiraud and Mathematic

Director Thierry Poiraud and a massive crew from hot Paris CG/VFX studio Mathematic conjure a fantastical race of flying dragons for French electric utility company EDF thru Havas Paris. [Watch]