Ian-Pons-Jewell-Ponders-the-Four-Day-Work-Week | STASH MAGAZINE

Ian Pons Jewell and Seven Animators Make the Case for Four-Day Work Week

Best known for his VFX-emboldened commercials and music videos, star director Ian Pons Jewell corrals a team of 2D animators in a passion project for New Zealand non-profit 4 Day Week Global thru UK agency MOX. [Watch]

Dal Park Navigates Hairy Situations for Adult Swim Smalls | STASH MAGAZINE

Dal Park Navigates “Hairy Situations” for Adult Swim Smalls

Berlin-based artist, director, and illustrator Dal Park provides a crazed peek into the life of a “hairdresser struggling to keep up with her demanding clients” in her new short film for the ongoing Adult Swim Smalls series. [Watch]