Adult Swim Toonami ID by Zeppelin and Apus Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Zeppelin and Apus Studio Charm the Zombies in New Adult Swim Toonami ID

Toonami, Adult Swim’s Japanese animation programming block gets a quick kick in the branding with this crazed 20-second mix of 3D and 2D character animation from the teams at Zeppelin and Apus Studios in Lima, Peru. [Watch]

Adult Swim Hot Future Mike Anderson Ryan Dickie Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

You’re Simply Not Ready for Adult Swim’s “Hot Future”

The irreverence and audacity of Adult Swim’s Smalls short films serve up the perfect pallet cleanser between commercial projects with Mike Anderson’s 10-minute epic “Hot Future” providing the latest proof. [Watch]

Rick and Morty God of War Ragnarök PlayStation | STASH MAGAZINE

Rick and Morty Break “God of War Ragnarök” for PlayStation

Rick and Morty’s ongoing adventures into brand marketing continue as the Adult Swim stars take on the roles of Kratos and Atreus for this note-perfect God of War Ragnarök game promo. [Watch]

Rick and Morty enter the Speedportal with Adidas | STASH MAGAZINE

Rick and Morty enter the Speedportal with Adidas

Toby Castle-Smith, copywriter at TBWA\NEBOKO in Amsterdam: “It’s one of these campaigns where you throw something at the wall thinking it is going to get a few laughs and fall off, but it sticks and a few months later we’re on weekly calls with the wonderful people at Adult Swim, and it all starts to come to life.” [Watch]

Dal Park Navigates Hairy Situations for Adult Swim Smalls | STASH MAGAZINE

Dal Park Navigates “Hairy Situations” for Adult Swim Smalls

Berlin-based artist, director, and illustrator Dal Park provides a crazed peek into the life of a “hairdresser struggling to keep up with her demanding clients” in her new short film for the ongoing Adult Swim Smalls series. [Watch]

Adult Swim "Social Media" ID by 2veinte | STASH MAGAZINE

Adult Swim “Social Media” ID by 2veinte

2veinte in Buenos Aries create a small blast of insanity for Adult Swim: “Do you feel sometimes you’re getting caught up in social media madness? Be careful, something extreme could happen…” [Watch]