Buda tv 8th Anniversary Anatomical Intelligence | STASH MAGAZINE

Buda.tv Marks Studio Anniversary With a Celebration of AI (Anatomical Intelligence)

Launched in 2016 by animator/CDs Martin Dasnoy and Dalmiro Buigues, Buenos Aires studio Buda.tv celebrates eight years with an anthem film stating the creative importance of anatomical intelligence in the age of artificial intelligence. [Watch]

La Liga Brand Film by Budatv | STASH MAGAZINE

Buda.tv Captures the Energy of Ibero-American Animation in New Film for La Liga

Originally commissioned by La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana for a 10-second logo loop, CDs Martin Dasnoy and Dalmiro Buigues at Buda.tv in Buenos Aires got carried away and ended up with a full minute of frenzied cartoon action. [Watch]

Seven Animal Sins Short Film by Buda.tv | STASH MAGAZINE

“Seven Animal Sins” Short Film by Buda.tv

With a nod to a certain 2012 animated earworm about silly methods of demise, Buenos Aires studio Buda.tv confirms animals can indeed be guilty of the seven deadly sins in their new in-house short film. [Watch]

Feed Me With Love Hate Budatv | STASH MAGAZINE

Buda.tv Defines The Lover and The Hater on Social Media

The latest in-house experiment from Argentinian animation studio Buda.tv presents a witty and wonderfully detailed steam punk-ish character study of the two types of social media consumers: The Lover and The Hater. [Watch]