Andy Martin Short Film Box Reviews | STASH MAGAZINE

Andy Martin is Obsessed with “Box Reviews!!”

Having covered COVID-19 advice and a Christmas sing-a-long in his previous personal films, UK director/animator Andy Martin turns his 2D and stop-motion talents toward a humble YouTuber and his corrugated insights. [Watch]

Welcome to Andy Martin's Critter Compendium | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to Andy Martin’s Critter Compendium

Based in the wilds of North Yorkshire, director/animator Andy Martin specializes in his own confluence of 2D animation and stop motion, producing a wide range of characters that share a distinct and light-hearted charm. [Watch]

Bad Better Best short film by Handymartian Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

“Bad Better Best” COVID-19 Advice from Handymartian

Animator, illustrator, and musician Andy Martin at Handymartian Studio in London: “[This is] A public information film about social distancing and self-isolation to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. [Watch]