YouTube Hit Pause animations by Device | STASH MAGAZINE

Device Hits Pause for YouTube

Barcelona animation studio Device deploys a light illustrative style to package a trio of animated messages for YouTube about Identifying truthful info on the web, tracing its sources, and sharing it responsibly. [Watch]

Tractor Beverages Escape the Ordinary Andy Baker Hornet | STASH MAGAZINE

Andy Baker and Hornet “Escape the Ordinary” With Tractor

Striking a blow against the sugary evil of the fountain-drink industrial complex, Hornet director Andy Baker builds out a dark animated world where Tractor’s organic alternatives provide an escape to daylight. [Watch]

Claritin "The Outsideologist Project" by Daniel DelPurgatorio and ATK PLN | STASH MAGAZINE

Claritin “The Outsideologist Project” by Daniel DelPurgatorio and ATKPLN

Daniel DelPurgatorio, who recently joined ATK PLN as ECD, leverages fun facts (like bees have five eyes and rabbits eat their own poop) to conjure a backyard full of wonder in this Claritin spot designed to get kids outdoors. [Watch]