Claritin "The Outsideologist Project" by Daniel DelPurgatorio and ATK PLN | STASH MAGAZINE

Claritin “The Outsideologist Project” by Daniel DelPurgatorio and ATKPLN

Daniel DelPurgatorio, who recently joined ATK PLN as ECD, leverages fun facts (like bees have five eyes and rabbits eat their own poop) to conjure a backyard full of wonder in this Claritin spot designed to get kids outdoors. [Watch]

ATKPLN Daniel DelPurgatorio as New Executive Creative Director | STASH MAGAZINE

ATKPLN Taps Daniel DelPurgatorio as New Executive Creative Director

From the release: ATKPLN is adding another box to its Zoom grid, tapping Daniel DelPurgatorio as its new Executive Creative Director. [Watch]

The Darkness_Happiness | STASH MAGAZINE

Vitamin Pictures Finds “Happiness” in The Darkness

Jumpsuits, Speedos, mullets, and interspecies love keep the fun factor high in this vibrant music video romp from Chicago’s Vitamin Pictures for “Happiness” by over-the-top UK rockers The Darkness. [Watch]