"Digital Debris" Short Film by Nicola Destefanis | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicola Destefanis Sorts Out His Insomnia Patterns in “Digital Debris”

3D artist and motion Designer Nicola Destefanis in London: “I always suffered from insomnia. But my condition got quite bad during the lockdown. So instead of staring at the ceiling, I decided to invest the extra free time describing the twists and loops of my mind trying to fall asleep. [Watch]

Yolt "Unthink Money" Spot by Private Island | STASH MAGAZINE

Yolt “Unthink Money” Spot by Private Island

Your lizard brain, a part of the limbic system processing our most primal emotions, wakes up and takes over in this happy rant from Private Island director Chris Boyle for financial app Yolt thru Uncommon Creative Studio. [Watch]