Private Island AI generated Beer Ad Synthetic Summer | STASH MAGAZINE

Private Island Generates AI Hilarity in Spec Beer Ad “Synthetic Summer”

Director/co-founder Chris Boyle at Private Island in London: “Synthetic Summer is a machine learning interpretation of an American beer advert. It features no real people and is generated entirely from text prompts.” [Watch]

Material Focus Hypnocat Truant London Private Island | STASH MAGAZINE

Material Focus’ HypnoCat Says Recycle Your Electricals

Working with agency Truant London, director Chris Boyle and the Private Island animation crew conjure an impossible-to-ignore CG spot for UK non-profit Material Focus and their Recycle Your Electricals campaign. [Watch]

Yolt "Unthink Money" Spot by Private Island | STASH MAGAZINE

Yolt “Unthink Money” Spot by Private Island

Your lizard brain, a part of the limbic system processing our most primal emotions, wakes up and takes over in this happy rant from Private Island director Chris Boyle for financial app Yolt thru Uncommon Creative Studio. [Watch]

FitXR Workouts For Everyone commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

FitXR “Workouts For Everyone” by Private Island

Private Island director Chris Boyle, who unleashed plenty of insanity for this 2018 F1 clip, pushes past all remaining shreds of reason in the launch spot for the FitXR fitness VR platform thru London agency Uncommon. [Watch]

Time Based Arts F1 Engineered Insanity | STASH MAGAZINE

Time Based Arts Unleash “Engineered Insanity” for F1

Final Cut editor Ben Stephens demonstrates the power of his craft to spike your heart rate in this spot for Formula 1 racing directed by Chris Boyle and amplified by VFX and post work from Time Based Arts in London. [Watch]

STK and UNIT “Risk Everything” for Nike

London’s STK and in-house director/editor Chris Boyle deliver three fast and furious 3D cartoon takes for Nike’s “Risk Everything” World Cup campaign with VFX backup from Unit Post – all inside a tight four-week production sched.