Antonim Un Crit Music Video by Dedo Ciego | STASH MAGAZINE

Antonim “Un Crit” Music Video by Dedo Ciego

Co-founders Joaquín Urbina and Ana Gale at audiovisual studio Dedo Ciego in Barcelona: “This is our new video for the single ‘Un Crit’ by the Catalonian duo Antònim released on the Primavera Sound label. [Watch]

Daniel Kessler Interpol Primavera | STASH MAGAZINE

Daniel Kessler’s Favourite Music Memories

The formative musical memories of Interpol lead guitarist Daniel Kessler come to life in a dark and stormy palette via the talents of Nice Shit studio in Barcelona – the latest in a series of shorts for the Primavera Sound festival. [Watch]

John Carpenter music memory | STASH MAGAZINE

John Carpenter’s Favorite Music Memory

American feature film directing icon John Carpenter takes us back to a log cabin in Kentucky and unfolds a formative childhood memory in this wonderful film by Barcelona’s Device for the Primavera Sound festival. [Watch]