REALTIME Appoints Libby Behrens as Operations Director | STASH MAGAZINE

UK CG Studio REALTIME Appoints Libby Behrens as Operations Director

From the release: UK CGI studio REALTIME has followed up a period of rapid growth and expansion with the new appointment of Libby Behrens, Operations Director. [Read more]

GRID game trailer by RealtimeUK for Codemasters | STASH MAGAZINE

Up Close and Gritty in GRID Game Trailer

Midlands CG maestros RealtimeUK will have you picking shredded rubber out of your teeth as they drop you inches from the mayhem of tearing metal and scraping paint in their newest trailer for the Codemasters’ GRID racing franchise. [Read more]

Crowd dynamics Dave Fothergill | STASH MAGAZINE

Dave Fothergill: The Art and Science of Crowd Cruelty

Dave Fothergill, currently a senior VFX artist at RealtimeUK in Manchester, hit the internet hard two days ago with his hilarious/fascinating crowd dynamics test called “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!” [Read more]