Steve Cutts Short Film A Brief Disagreement | STASH MAGAZINE

Fabulous New Steve Cutts Short Film “A Brief Disagreement”

UK illustrator/animator Steve Cutts (whose short film Happiness we consider mandatory viewing), just dropped his latest cheery observation about humanity, a frantic three-minute look at our proclivity for conflict called “A Brief Disagreement”. [Watch]

Man 2020 short film by Steve Cutts | STASH MAGAZINE

Steve Cutts Updates “Man” for 2020

Just before Christmas in 2012, London artist/animator Steve Cutts released “Man”, an ironically jaunty short film about the Anthropocene apocalypse in all its dark and ridiculous glory. [Watch]

The Turning Point 17 hours agoMore Steve Cutts

Steve Cutts Hits “The Turning Point” for Wantaways

After tackling screen zombies and consumerism, London artist/animator Steve Cutts turns his talents for rendering modern dilemmas in hyper-detail toward human-induced apocalypse in this devastating music video for Melbourne musician Wantaways. [Watch]

Happiness animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Steve Cutts Looks at “Happiness”

London artist/animator/illustrator Steve Cutts is at his best when unleashing searing social commentary, and that is certainly the case with “Happiness” – his take on consumerism released just in time for peak shopping season. [Watch]

Moby Lost in the world | STASH MAGAZINE

Moby Asks “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?”

Rendering modern phone-zombie masses in the style of early 1930s cartoons, London director/animator Steve Cutts creates a stark contrast between form and tone in his interpretation of Moby’s ode to the dangers of the always-connected life. [Watch]