"Alla Luce" Short Film by Sally Reynolds | STASH MAGAZINE

“Alla Luce” Short Film by Sally Reynolds

Sally Reynolds, an Australian designer/artist living in New York, says the inspirations for her latest short film “Alla Luce” include, ballet, Moby, American kinetic sculptor Anthony Howe, ceramic artist Juz Kitson, and a hangover. [Watch]

Moby My Only Love music video by Zombie | STASH MAGAZINE

Moby “My Only Love” Music Video by Zombie Studio

Director Paulo Garcia and the crew at Zombie Studio in São Paulo engage all their 3D and narrative talents to help Moby pull attention to the increasing problem of Amazon deforestation with this video for a cover of Roxy Music’s ​”My Only Love”. [Watch]

Moby Lost in the world | STASH MAGAZINE

Moby Asks “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?”

Rendering modern phone-zombie masses in the style of early 1930s cartoons, London director/animator Steve Cutts creates a stark contrast between form and tone in his interpretation of Moby’s ode to the dangers of the always-connected life. [Watch]