Space Shower TV broadcast ID by Kohei Yoshino | STASH MAGAZINE

New Space Shower Broadcast ID by Kohei Yoshino

The worlds created by Suspenders director Kohei Yoshino take us to extraordinary places and this new station ID titled “Schoolyard” for Japanese music television channel Space Shower TV is no exception. [Watch]

Japan Media Arts Festival animated intro | STASH MAGAZINE

Japan Media Arts Festival Promo by Kohei Yoshino

In June 2017 Stash published the trailer for “Float,” a brilliant and enigmatic CG fantasy/adventure directed by Kohei Yoshino with music by Haruna Karasuda. Now the duo is back with this fluid and whimsical work for the Japan Media Arts Festival. [Watch]

Suspenders Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Suspenders Studio: “Float” (Trailer)

Ok, so there’s a funny little boat full of pigs dressed in hats and uniforms tearing across this hyper-trippy waterscape hanging onto their fishing rods for dear life because they’ve hooked this massive fish-whale thing… [Watch]