Ambre Verse Game Without Frontiers Trailer The Game Awards | STASH MAGAZINE

Ambre Verse Drop “Games Without Frontiers” Trailer for The 2022 Game Awards

Given carte blanche by The Game Awards organizers, directors Jonathan Plesel and Thibault Zeller at Paris studio Ambre Verse craft a trailer inspired by the madness of Dr. Strange’s multiverse and Apple’s landmark “1984” spot. [Watch]

"Online Whispers" CG Short Film by Thibault Zeller | STASH MAGAZINE

“Online Whispers” CG Short Film by Thibault Zeller

Thibault Zeller, director and co-founder of Ambrecollective in Paris: “Social networks connect us all but also spread a visceral hatred that makes us gradually lose our humanity. Therefore, we find ourselves interconnected and yet very distant from each other.” [Watch]

Ambre Collective Launches with “VIRAL” Short Film

Ambre Collective, an art and motion design studio founded by director/designer Jonathan Plesel and AD/designer Thibault Zeller, just launched in Paris with the release of this sleek and striking 3D opus called “VIRAL”.