Blasting Open the MTV Video Music Awards 2015

Patrick Claire Lee Lodge_MTV Video Music Awards | STASH MAGAZINE

In stark contrast to last year’s darkly elegant vibe, the Elastic crew opened the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards this evening with this crazed poke-in-the-eye packed with glitchy, irreverent, ultra-GIF-able chaos plus a bonus Donald cameo. [Read more]

Peace One Day Wants to Build the “McWhopper”

Johnny Kofoed_McWhopper | STASH MAGAZINE

Assembly director Jonny Kofoed and his intrepid team of three animators makes a compelling case for the proposed 24-hour detente between Burger King and McDonalds in’s continued campaign to make the world a nicer place. [Read more]

Stas Santimov and the Art of Macabre Motion

Stas Santimov_OivaviO | STASH MAGAZINE

Combining his talents for illustration and motion, Ukrainian creative director Stas Santimov creates a singular species of haunting animated comic strip, exploring mysterious characters through macabre looping vignettes. [Read more]

From Russia with Love: DEmark 2015 Titles

Nord_DEmark Awards | STASH MAGAZINE

Leaving aside the irony of commissioning a Russian motion collective to create the promo for a Thailand-based design competition celebrating home-grown talent – you gotta love the paired-down illustrations and snappy transitions the NORD crew bring to this clip for the DEmark Awards. [Read more]

You Can’t Get Any More Ribenary


Nomint founders and directing duo Christos Lefakis and Yannis Konstantinidis help JWT London target classic U.K. beverage Ribena to young adults with this maximalist collage of blackcurrants and trippy fauna all held together by an infectious custom track from indie UK hiphop oufit Tigermonkey. [Read more]

Danny Yount Teases “Breakthrough” for NatGeo Channel

Danny Yount_ Breakthrough | STASH MAGAZINE

Cool first teaser in the global launch campaign for “Breakthrough,” a series from National Geographic Channel and GE featuring six high-profile directors (Ron Howard, Peter Berg, Paul Giamatti, Brett Ratner, Akiva Goldsman, Angela Bassett) helming “stories from the cutting edge of science”. [Read more]