Thomas Heckel Celebrates a HUGE Anniversary

Thomas Heckel_HUGE Anniversary | STASH MAGAZINE

Riveting stream of cool work produced by multi-national digital studio HUGE over the last 15 years made even cooler in this serial-blast of multi-media by New York motion designer and graphics animator Thomas Heckel. [Read more]

Atsushi Makino for Sasano Maly’s “Baloney Speaker”

Makino_Baloney Speaker | STASH MAGAZINE

Director/animator Atsushi Makino hand-crafted more than 60 intensely detailed match boxes then blended them with traditional animation, CG, stop-motion, and roto’d footage of Japanese artist Sasano Maly performing his track “Baloney Speaker” for U&R Records.
[Read more]

RUFFMERCY: Old English ft. Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs, A$AP Ferg

Ruff Mercy_Old English | STASH MAGAZINE

Mr. Murphy doing what Mr. Murphy does best: assaulting your visual cortex with a quasi-NSFW flow of kick-ass nasty. Produced by London’s MyAccomplice. [Read more]

DK Studios Seeks “Man Seeking Woman”

Digital Kitchen_Man Seeking Woman | STASH MAGAZINE

Snappy black and white iconography from the DK crew sets the tone for FXX’s sweet and absurdist new original comedy “Man Seeking Woman” starring Jay Baruchel and based on humorist/novelist/screenwriter (and former SNL/Pixar writer) Simon Rich’s book of short stories. [Read more]

Giant Ant Asks “What if?”

Giant Ant_Community Futures | STASH MAGAZINE

Master-storytellers Giant Ant and fellow Vancouverites Taiji Brand Group elevate the profile of a Canadian government rural development initiative with this engaging explainer clip packed with intriguing details painted in a welcoming palette. [Read more]

Digic Offers Glimpses of the Hyper-real

Digic_Call of Duty | STASH MAGAZINE

I measure the art and science of cinematic 3D realism by the number of times the work convinces my brain to let go of the fact I’m watching a digital image. The most convincing I’ve seen to date (and one of the longest) is this 21-minute feast of CG intensity and sleek motion design courtesy of Digic Pictures [Read more]