Giant Ant “Kick Plastic” for Costa Sunglasses

Costa Sunglasses #kickplastic | STASH MAGAZINE

Vancouver’s master storytellers Giant Ant take on the challenge to “communicate an environmentalist message to a right-leaning audience” in this warm and welcoming clip for Costa Sunglasses and their #Kickplastic campaign. [Read more]

Adobe Turns 25 with Salute to Photoshop


Rock Paper Scissors’ editor Grant Surmi and eLevel Studios (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in-house production/post team) assemble a minute-long celebration in honor of the only graphics software to spawn its own verb. [Read more]

“The Interview” Titles via Laundry!

Laundry_The Interview | STASH MAGAZINE

It’s not often you get to work on motion projects capable of creating international fist-pounding, corporate meltdowns and general panic at the cineplex. Creative directors Anthony Liu, PJ Richardson and the Laundry! crew lay claim to all this and more with their titles for Sony’s infamous “The Interview.” [Read more]

Buck Snaps Open the Facebook Factory

Buck_Facebook Factory | STASH MAGAZINE

Ryan Honey and the Buck team leave no production technique or typographic trick unturned in this ADD-inducing launch film for Facebook’s new creative think tank called The Factory. [Read more]

Impactist Wraps “Wilfred” for FXX

Impactist_Wilfred | STASH MAGAZINE

The fourth and final season of Wilfred (the offbeat dark comedy starring Elijah Wood and Jason Gann) moved to FXX in 2014 complete with this appropriately surreal and irreverent broadcast package from Portland’s favorite musical motion design couple Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing (aka Impactist). [Read more]

Trumpeter Swan “Scout’s Honor” from Jeremy Phillips

Jeremy Philips_Trumpeter Swan | STASH MAGAZINE

Full on collision of vintage photographs, futurist motion design and general enigmatic mixed media in this music video directed and edited by Jeremy Phillips with graphics by Tara Clune, JungWoo Lee, and Phillips for “Scout’s Honor” from the New York music project known as Trumpeter Swan. [Read more]