François X A Scream into the Future Anne Raffin Les Monstres | STASH MAGAZINE

François X “A Scream into the Future” Music Video by Anne Raffin and Les Monstres

Best known for her animated feature background work, Paris-based artist Anne Raffin leaps into the director’s chair with this dystopian vision for French DJ and musician François X with Les Monstres studio handling production. [Read more]

Les Monstres Resistance Day | STASH MAGAZINE

Les Monstres: “RESISTANCE DAY”

Directors Ludovic Versace, Félicien Colmet Daâge and the crew at multi-talented Paris studio Les Monstres turn a manifesto for a persecuted European minority into an engaging and enigmatic 2D/3D-animated treat (chock full of innovative frames and transitions) for the Association La Voix des Rroms (The Voice of Roma). [Read more]